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  • Bio Suisse only awards the Bud label to products imported into Switzerland by land or sea (prohibition on air transport). Derogations in individual cases must be authorized by the LCI.
  • Priority must be given to organic imports from nearby countries.
  • Bio Suisse restricts Bud label awards for foreign produce if the domestic supply is sufficient.
  • Bio Suisse restricts Bud label awards for foreign produce where all the processing is carried out abroad. Simple processing steps carried out in the country of origin are excluded from this restriction (for example: drying, freezing, pitting, cleaning, sorting).
  • Fresh products (fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs) from overseas can, as a general rule, not be Bud labelled. Mediterranean countries are not considered overseas countries. Fruit juices and frozen products are subject to the same restrictions as fresh products. As a derogation from this rule produce which can not be cultivated in Switzerland or in Europe for climatic reasons may be Bud-labelled.
  • For products which are detrimental to the image of the Bud label a licence contract may be refused. The following criteria are considered: Ecology, transport distances, packaging, consumer expectations. Examples of products which have been refused contracts in recent years with reference to this restriction are: wine from overseas, tinned tomatoes from overseas, caviar, instant ice-tea.